All the Best Gifs Emma Thompson Can Provide

HELLO, dearest and most senisble darlings of Dames Nation!

Please allow Dame Margaret to correct a TRAGIC OVERSIGHT!!
She failed to thank most heartily all of you who showed up and made our SENSE & SENSIBILITY Livetweet on March 30th such a rousing success! In this, as in but 
few things, Edward Ferrars really says it best:

Only obvs. instead of "my" think "OUR," because Dame Sophie totally cosigns on all of Margaret's gratitude. And now! TO THE LINKS, dear friends! TO THE LINKS!


But maybe these are some things you haven’t seen in your Twitter feed 5 zillion times already? (Ok, except for Mad Style, we know you’ve seen that, but it is essential.)

Nostalgia, Revisited

Ever since we wrote a zillion words about nostalgia & cultural preservation, we can’t stop seeing pieces about it. Is there something in the Internet Air or are we just really attuned to this topic now? What role, if any, does nostalgia play in your life?

Twee As Hell:

Service Journalism (AKA The Charts We Are Loving This Week):

Miscellany (Just Like Heaven-ly)

  • Hugh Laurie: “Wodehouse Saved My Life”, in which Dame Sophie’s all-time favorite portrayer of lovable dimwits reveals he & Stephen Fry were not really keen to portray Jeeves & Wooster, but are really glad they did.

  • And, on a similar note, DID YOU KNOW that Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson ONCE DATED IN COLLEGE? Learn that and SO MUCH MORE from the above linked, stupendously charming interview between the pair and please send us ALL the real person fics you inevitably write about the pair as soon as humanly possible. (A kind reader sent this to us during our livetweet, by Dame Margaret has forgotten who! IDENTIFY YOURSELF and she'll thank you next issue!)

  • Julie Andrews to Publish New Memoir!! Since her first memoir, Home, showed the world that Actual Dame Julie is both a beautiful writer and possibly the world’s classiest living human, Dame Sophie is suuuuuuper-excited about her follow-up, due for publication in 2017, and Dame Margaret is shamefacedly ordering a copy of Home to read immediately.

  • Beyonce’s Vegan Meal Plan makes us feel kinda bloated before we’ve even eaten a bite, but we thank alert reader James for it, nonetheless!

  • Meet The Skate Girls of Kabul, whose badassery gives us many happy, “the world may wind up ok, after all” feelings! (With our thanks to the indispensable Amy Dieg)

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