Anecdotal Voting!

Hello, Civic-Minded Sprites!

Here’s the outcome we’re hoping for with today’s election, courtesy of Libby VanderPloeg.

As all of you likely know— for Dames Nationals are always informed, even when they are not U.S. nationals— today is ELECTION DAY here in the United States , and We Your Dames have voted, and canvassed, and phonebanked our little hearts out. And we’d love to hear from those of you who’ve done the same.

The next few hours and days are going to be stressful. Big races in which we’ve invested time, energy, and money are, inevitably, going to go the other way. So we want to dig deep and make sure we count every small triumph we can. So, reply to this email and share yours with us!

  • Did you learn anything fun about your district or another by canvassing or phone-banking?

  • Did any candidates at the state or city level particularly delight you?

  • Were there any ballot questions, levies, or other easy-to-overlook legislative victories that you want to share with us?

  • And, of course: did you take any “I Voted” selfies, and were they glorious? If yes, plz. send pics.

You’ll hear from us again on Friday, and until then, take good care of yourselves. Remember that watching the results does not change them, so feel free to give yourself the night off without guilt.

Yours in Citizenship,

Dame Margaret and Dame Sophie