Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat?

Summer Summer Summer TIIIIME!

Dames Nation, though we have seen some of our friends’ adorable children heading off for their first days of school this very week, we cling to the old ways: til that last cicada sings out from the treetops in September, summer is here! The time is still right for dancin’ in the streets. No, no, sit down,Mick & David.Martha & the Vandellasare the experts we’re consulting.


  • This mashup of The Commodore’s “Easy” and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” is, well. Heavenly.  

  • Dame Margaret is trying not to read TOO much into the fact that the Abbi Jacobsen v. Ilana Glazer Lip Sync Battle suggests that she and Ilana Glazer share “Hey Ya” as a karaoke go-to song but like…. it DOES seem significant, doesn’t it?

  • JB Dunckel’s score for new-to-us movie Summer is out & exactly as swoonily electro-dreamy as you’d expect from half of the electro-dreamy French band Air.

  • After more than a year of frantic anticipation, Dame Margaret finally saw the world premiere of Waitress: The Musical and it's kind of a miracle that she's spoken of anything else since. It's SO GOOD, GUYS! Get out ahead of the Tony's and give a listen to Sara Bareilles (the musical's composer) performing a couple of the songs on a recent episode of A Prairie Home Companion"She Used to Be Mine" and "Take It From an Old Man" (sung in the production by none other than , a.k.a. Headmaster Charleston from Gilmore Girls.)

  • ​It’s like, you think you’ve gotten past the point of being bothered by anything Noted Asshole Noel Gallagher says, and then a very smart article laying bare the racist underpinnings of Kanye West-hatred quotes the former Oasis front man saying the following:

and you’re like

so just UGH SERIOUSLY. Shut up, Noel Gallagher.​

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