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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so flipping cooooooooool!!!!

2016 is nearly here & you know what that means: Olympics qualifying competitions are happening! During the 2012 Summer Olympics, the world received the great gift of Elspeth Reeve’s GIF-based analysis of the gymnastics competitions. Now she’s back with coverage of Simone Biles, who is just...well, look at what she can do:


Biles is one of those people who is so skilled at incredibly difficult things that she makes it look... well, not easy, exactly. You can see she’s working hard, but she’s also clearly so filled with joy as she pulls off these seemingly impossible maneuvers that she fills us with wonder and admiration. (Ditto that to Reeve. In our Fallen, Grantland-less world, she is one of a handful of sports writers we truly love.)

Commentator Jessica O’Beirne, who runs the GymCastic podcast, described Biles thus: “if you combined all the best athletes you’ve ever known and… put them all into one teenager… and then you put them in the world championships of their sport as one person, that’s how good she is,” and you can see what she means. Biles is astonishing. And unlike many gymnasts, she’s been able to train in a way that lets her live a semi-regular life with days off and room in her schedule for sightseeing when she’s traveling, etc.-- another remarkable accomplishment in a sport so haunted by images of weeping, overworked teens and vicious Svengali coaches. 

Dame S. looooooves the Olympics and even Dame M., after reading this piece, is getting super-psyched for the Summer Games. What events are you most looking forward to? Tell us all about it.

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This Week in Hamilton

Yes, we know we linked to this video last week. BUT!! The gif counts as new!!

Things we couldn’t include because they’re happening this weekend: on Friday night, Lin-Manuel Miranda will appear on The Tonight Show with America’s Buddy, Jimmy Fallon. We live in hope of a musical number bonus! 60 Minutes will have a segment on Hamilton this Sunday night. Dame S. has no live TV-watching abilities so she’s looking forward to GIF sets on Tumblr!

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