Baller Moves & Best Winks of The Week

DAMES NATION! For you, today, we have a call to action!

Oh, hi.

Our cherished pals Rosie & Jessica Fletcher (the very first people we ever trusted to guest-edit Two Bossy Dames) have just launched a Patreon of their own, to support their A+++ podcast, Rosie and Jessica’s Day of Fun. We, your Dames, passionately love this show, so of course we donated immediately. What we’d love from you:

  1. If you, too, already know and love Rosie & Jessica’s Day Of Fun, kick in totheir Patreon if you can, and share the campaign so others hear of both their great show AND their chance to support it.

  2. If you don’t know their show, do yourself a favor and give a listen toEpisode 74, Backpacks & Dragons, which is great & captures their vivacity & charm very well.

  3. If you like the episode OR show as much as we do, take a minute in iTunes to rate it (we suggest 5 stars, but follow your hearts), review it, and -- of course! -- subscribe.

  4. This will situate you ideally to catch our debut on the show sometime this spring! We are sorting out recording times as we speak.

Thank you for taking a minute to help our British Allies defeat the Axis of Hard Work for No Money.

And stay down!

Dame M's Linky Goodness!


Dame Sophie’s Cultural Thoughts Smorgasbord 

It me.

  • What do The New York Review of Books, once-great Philadelphia radio stationsEloiseReversal of Fortune, and #SlatePitches have in common? They're all tools I used to make beloved #DamesPals Craig & Andrew, aka the hosts of Overdue, giggle a lot, in the service of discussing proto-Internet troll/treasure Renata Adler's debut novel, Speedboat! It's basically devoid of plot & I loved discussing it with these favorite bros of ours. 

  • Kesha’s case against Dr. Luke is a queasy callback to the piece on David Bowie’s sexual relationships with very young fans that we discussed a few weeks ago, and to the highly problematic issue of agunot ("chained women"), whose husbands withhold the religious divorce they need to move on fully with their lives (h/t #DamesPal Marjorie). The only way out of rape culture is through. #FreeKesha, indeed.

  • And now, a hard left turn into Twee As Hell palate-cleanser territory. Are there children in your life? If not, how about a love of tunes? Former Belle & Sebastian trumpeter Mick Cooke's Top 10 Songs for Children are for you!

  • Oh, my giddy aunt. From the Mixed-Up Files of Dear God In Heaven, How Are People So Very, Very Foolish, comes the sad & lamentable tragedie of Jonathan Safran Foer, marital nincompoop. Look, if you, a successful and also married author, are going to develop a crush on a famous person, Natalie Portman is as good a crush object as any. She is beautiful, she is smart, she is talented. Fine, whatever. But why would you make it weird, by not only telling your wife that your marriage is over (???), but also by not bothering to communicate any of your deep feelings with Ms. Portman before blowing your relationship to smithereens? Friends, behold: The Smart Dummy. He can craft the hell out of a sentence, but the generally accepted laws of human interaction & social contracts are beyond him.  

  • A conversation with my darling Dame M., about how Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” is one of our shared all-time favorite car karaoke jams, led me down a rabbit hole during which it suddenly became vitally important for me to re-view most of La M’s 1995-2005 videos. They are all works of MTV sorcery & genius, of course, and I’m not here to pick an absolute favorite, but I would be very remiss not to mention the Tom Tom Club-quoting amusement park delights of “Fantasy” (fun to re-watch in counterpoint with Beyonce’s “XO”), the iconic pink crocheted crop top of “Heartbreaker”, and the Tommy Mottola-shading glories of “We Belong Together” (featuring unchanged-in-foxiness-since-2005 Wentworth Miller and, per #DamesPal Alicia, Mariah’s original wedding gown!). For a bonus round, please enjoy this perfect heartache ballad she name-checks in “We Belong Together”. A song that can transport me back to the awkward high school dances of my boy-crazy youth is a powerful one, indeed. This has been your Turn of the Naughty Oughties Jam Corner!

Aw, li'l baby Leonard Snart. Too deep!

This Week in Hamilton

As you may know, Hamilton started out in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s mind as a thematic mixtape, eventually becoming a musical. Now he & Questlove are masterminding a reverse-engineered mixtape (with cover versions & interpolations & new material) with artists like Chance the Rapper, Ben Folds, Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes and more!

Mo Willems saw Hamilton, is now drafting sure-to-win-Geisel-Awards picture book, Don’t Let The Pigeon Control Post-Colonial Monetary Policy!

An initially gender-blind casting notice for the Hamilton touring company was amended pretty quickly to not be gender-blind, but we live in hope of a female or gender non-conforming Aaron Burr someday! Meanwhile, we have the ladies of Hamilton having a blast while performing feminist quotes, and some thoughts about an Elizabeth Hamilton musical to sustain us.

BREAKING NEWS: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jonathan Groff are still trying to seduce and murder us all with their combined charm & cuteness. This time, their chosen method is a mini-performance of “Magic Dance, as originally performed by David Bowie in Labyrinth. Which does you in worse/better: Lin’s Jareth-channeling smoulder or their combined joyous muppet-flailing at the 9-second mark? (PS if you aten’t ded yetthis compilation video of their A-DOR-ABLE shenanigans will surely do you in, h/t #DamesPal Alyce).

We leave you with the two Best Winks of the Week, Mark Ruffalo at the Oscars and Kate McKinnon in the new Ghostbusters trailer.

 Splendid tuxedo work, sir!
We also look with favor upon your salt & peppery temples.

It’s not just you, we’re all blushing furiously under her gaze.