Friendships and Funny in a Time of Fear

Hi, everyone!

We are Amy & Maurene—both young adult authors who write contemporary stories about teenagers who we find funny. We were so thrilled to put this newsletter together for you, and recommend things like the best animals on Instagram (Maurene loves Carlow_FDNY_cat while Amy is very partial toRyuji513), great gifs of Zac Efron, and where to dine when you’re on the eastside. This is because we truly believed that, this week, we’d be still buzzing from electing the first female president and proving that hate has no future here.

Right’s easy to believe that we don’t know what we believe anymore.


So we started thinking of what initially brought us together. You might assume it’s that we’re both located on the eastside of Los Angeles, or that we’re both young adult authors. But the truth is that both of us felt we met our YA soul mate in the other when we bonded like a couple of weird nerds over The Baby-Sitters Club. Yeah, those books from the 1980s about girls who babysat. Yes, we are also in our 30s.

But here’s the thing about the BSC. They were girls who worked together because they loved what they did, and they loved each other. They had each other’s backs. They believed that friendship could be a revolutionizing force. (Kristy Thomas never came out and actually said it but we know she believed this to the bottom of her bossy heart.) The times are scary, friends, but we take solace in the power of female friendships and female/PoC-led businesses.

Are you still curious about The Baby-Sitters Club? You should be. Here are some links:

  • Claudia’s outfits will forever be burned into our memories but also almost everything she wore is back in style now.

  • For all the boys who secretly read their sister’s BSCs, Slate’s Bennett Madison sees you. Although, “dull” HOW DARE YOU

  • As with everything else in the world, there is now a podcast about the BSC!

  • “Sure, Maurene and Amy, this stuff is interesting, but could we get into the finances behind how something like the BSC would actually work?” Thanks to The Billfold, we can.

  • And finally, if you need BSC swag, BookRiot has done a great job rounding some up.


Since we’re YA authors, we bring to you some books we love! With a special focus on books that explore various marginalizations and feminist issues—entertainment with a dose of empowerment.


I’d kick myself if I didn’t tell you to run out to read Maurene’s debut novel, Since You Asked, which is funny, sweet, diverse, and thoughtful. (Just like Maurene!)

This fat lady took forever to read Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’ because, no joke, she kept having to put it down to pump her fists in the air. Oh, what it would have been like to have a fat girl romance on my shelf when I was younger.

If you’re afraid to read YA novels because you’re worried they’ll all be fluffy, let Pointe change your mind. An important read about survival and triumph.

Initially I really was just going to recommend comedies and cute books about kissing. Anyway, if someone wants to know what rape culture is, point them toward All the Rage. Unflinchingly real but full of hope too.


This beautiful, devastating YA novel
 won Stephanie Kuehn the Morris Award and for good reason—it’s a complex story that mastefully deals with mental health and trauma.

A feminist twist on fairy tales filled with violence, sex, and diverse AF characters? Yes please. It’s like a Disney movie by way of a very smart woman with a penchant for some naughtiness—aka author Elissa Sussman.

Now more than ever, young people are lucky to have Kate Hart’s achingly sensitive debut about consent, feminism, love, and redemption. A bonus? Lovely and empathetic writing. (Out Jan. 24!)

AS IF I could have a list without Ames! I have a special spot for Kissing Ted Callahan (And Other Guys) because it’s about crushes and takes place in LA. You have to know that everything Ames writes is about smart, funny girls and that we need those kinda heroines right now.


...because we’ve still got to laugh.

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