Homoerotic Subtext Should Always Actually Be Text

Sometimes, Dames Nation, something perfect and incandescent twirls into your life.

Something like the truly magical music video for Miike Snow's "Genghis Khan." 

Given Your Dames' long-standing enthusiasm for slickly-produced Swedish pop, songs that feature male falsetto & refrains that can be rendered as "oo oo OO oo," and music that can be fairly described by Dame Sophie as "what Adam Levine would write, if he had a sense of humor," we would have probably liked this song even if it hadn't had One of The Greatest Music Videos of All Time. 

But!! It also has One of the Greatest Music Videos of All Time.

 The video takes all the homoerotic subtext of 1960s James Bond films and makes it gloriously text, culminating in a dance numer that rivals  Gene Kelly-Donald O' Connor dance numbers of yore. AND IT EVEN HAS A TWIST ENDING!! The hardiest tip of the hat to #Damespal Jess for linking us to it, as it has been making both of our weeks.
We hope it will make you smile the way Gold Nostril is smiling here:

Velvet Goldmine Live-Tweet Next Saturday!! (#velvetdames)

This movie: Excessively strange, extraordinarily pretty. Not unlike Bowie, in that respect.

SPEAKING of homoerotic texts! We are continuing our Festschrift for Bowie with the first of our Patreon-promised livetweets! We’ve chosen Velvet Goldmine, about a Ziggy Stardust-ish glam rocker who fakes his own death, and the fans who loved him. It’s basically “What if Citizen Kane BUT INSTEAD David Bowie?” Amazing costumes! Great music! Hot British dudes saucily winking! An early, formative work from Oscar-nominamted director Todd Haynes! A certain amount of tonal weirdness that will be QUITE FUN to chat about with a gang of smarties! And did we mention the homoeroticism?? Join us, won’t you?

When: Saturday, February 6, 2016, 8pm ET

Where: Twitter! We’ll be using & tracking #velvetdames throughout the film

How: The film is available on Netflix - just hit PLAY at 8pm ET!

Yes, that's Ewan MacGregor winking at you saucily. You're welcome, lad-likers.

Twitter Round-Up!

We always have at least twenty. Of everything.

Every now and again, we like to go through what we've shared on Twitter, and re-share a few highlights, both for the subscribers that don't tweet, and for the tweeters who may have missed some things. This week, we're highlighting: 

1) The Flora & Fauna of Our Hearts

2) Dream Looks

Dame Sophie's Minimalist Selection

Well, my week got away from me good & proper, so it’s a smaller than usual selection here. Maybe this is a good thing? You guys seem pretty evenly split on the “ahhhh, too many links!”/”GIVE ME ALL THE LINKS to stuff in my eyeballs!” issue. Let’s call this an extra-carefully curated adult snack tray, shall we?

Alexis Chaney’s piece on how teen girls have driven 60 years of pop music with their unseemly displays of swooning, screaming, and crying is the best thing I’ve read all week, on a topic deeply close to my heart.

Many longtime readers know of my fascination with Elena Ferrante, the pseudonymous Italian author behind the Neapolitan Novels, about a fractious & intense friendship between two women. The first novel opens just after the end of the Second World War and the last closes in the 1990s. Ferrante refuses all public appearances, so her translator, Ann Goldstein, often stands in for her. This interview between Goldstein and Katrina Dodson, who recently re-translated all the short stories of Brazilian author Clarice Lispector into English, is basically catnip for those of us obsessed with identity, public personae, and the acts of speaking & writing. Speaking of works in translation! PEN America’s got a Kickstarter going to redress the gross inequity in literary translation. 9% of world languages account for 90% of all translations! Not okay!

The Substitutesis a fantasy webcomic about friendship, accidental adventure & heroism. It’s extremely winning and showcases some dynamite, lush art, and best of all, the artist publishes on a biweekly schedule, so you can get caught up very quickly. This is also a special reminder to myself about how much I love webcomics & how I need to make more time to read them regularly. Some clever Dames Nationals must have a great system for incorporating them into their weekly reading schedule -- please do tell me what works for you!

Dame Margaret's Minimalist Selection

Dame M. has exactly two things she cares to speak about this week.
One:Susan Harlan's utterly perfect McSweeney's list"Alternatives to Resting Bitch Face,"which is so perfect that it will probably make you weep with laughter. She would quote her favorite bits, but that would just constitute copying and pasting the entire thing SO. 

Two: Spite Houses, such as: 


Hamilton + ANY FANDOM = perfect, as this comic by Charsiew Space proves.