How Can Tom Hanks Be So Ceaselessly Tom Hanksable?

Like Carly Rae & Tom, we really really really really really like you!

We’ve watched the new video for Carly Rae Jepson's "I Really Like You" a collective total of about 100 times this week, and yet were having so much fun watching it and trying to learn the dance moves so we could re-create the final scene with our friends that we didn’t even notice that the video-bomber at the end was Mr. Justin Bieber. Such is the power of this video/Tom Hanks that even his presence couldn’t derail our enjoyment!

Somewhat related musings! Bieber is basically nothing to us, but Kate MacKinnon’s recent impression of him on SNL is both hilarious and ... weirdly alluring? It’s really just another example of what Mallory Ortberg put so well in her analysis of Kristen Stewart in Jenny Lewis’ video for “Just One of the Guys”, but we like seeing exuberant displays of the hotness of women appropriating otherwise-laughable hypermasculine behavior and dress.

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We Are Really Really Really Really Really Really... Sad About Terry Pratchett

The great, legendary, funny, warm, wise, compassionate and sharp British fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett died on Thursday, and Dame Sophie spent the rest of the day in tears. Over the course of over 70 books (of which we’ve read only a fraction!), he explored the many flaws and foibles of humanity, with a keen sense of how to skewer the worst in people while acknowledging that just being a person, in this world or on the Discworld, is hard work. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite reads about Sir Terry published in the last couple of days:

We’re sure we missed some great tips of the hat to Sir Terry along the way. Tweet us with your favorites! And if you’ve never read any of his books, Dame Sophie’s recommendation is her own entry point to the Discworld, The Wee Free Men, which was his first novel about the 9 year-old witch Tiffany Aching & her long-term alliance with some insane, yet endearing tiny blue men, The Nac Mac Feegle.

Twee as Hell:

If Queen Elizabeth II Wrote For BuzzFeed

Dame Margaret’s BFFFFFFF Kerry shared 17 British Landscapes That Are So Beautiful You’ll Want to Cry with us, and though they did make us tear up with their loveliness, this listicle also cracked us up because look at that byline: the author is purportedly GREAT Britain (all-caps original).

To quote a writer of questionable repute, we couldn’t help but wonder: What if The Queen started writing listicles speaking on behalf of the entire UK? Here are a few proposed pieces we think are highly suitable for authorship by Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (Regina):

  • 40 Corgis you have to see to believe! (h/t Kerry)

  • 27 Great Ways to Match Your Hat to Your Handbag!

  • 33 Best Pastels For Year-Round Wear!

  • OVER MY DEAD BODY: A Rogues’ Gallery of My Most Eligible Grandson’s Would-Be Fiancees.

  • 19 Times Silly Americans Manhandled British Royals and the Resulting Dire Consequences: My Most Cunning Fevered Revenge Fantasies

  • 37 Times the Duchess of Cambridge’s Knees were Scandalously Exposed

  • 13 Kilts to Complement Your Barbour Hunting Jacket 

Please chime in with your own suggestions over onTwitter!

Miscellany (No, It’s Not A Felony! A Scandal, Perhaps.)

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