LIVETWEET ANNOUNCEMENT: Mystic Pizza on Sunday, May 6th!

When Life Keeps Giving You Anchovies, Just Cover Them Up With Some Extra Cheese!

Hello, Entirety of Dames Nation!

We have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Based on the results of our recent streaming platform survey, we have picked out our next movie to livetweet, and we want to make sure everyone gets it in their calendars. It’s going to be the CLASSIC coming of age film MYSTIC PIZZA, and despite their mantra:

….we are going to be monkey with tradition just a little bit. Because instead of streaming this movie on Netflix (a service to which nearly all of you subscribe!), we’re going to ask you to stream this movie on Amazon Prime or Hulu. We know, we know! Some of you may not subscribe to those services. But!! This movie is a TRUE CLASSIC featuring:

  • Julia Roberts’s smile in perhaps its most potent iteration!

  • A range of fascinating, wholly distinct female characters, all of whom are allowed to make bad and messy decisions!


  • An excuse to sing one of 30 Rocks many funny made-up songs!

  • Matt Damon’s film debut! As a twerp apparently named Steamer!?

  • A million other things!

So we think you’ll find that it’s worth either renting the movie for $3, or getting a trial subscription to one of these services to watch along with us. It’s going to be a fun one. The Full Details:

WHEN: 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, May 6th, 2018
HOW: Streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime, or by DVD-- whichever suits your fancy.
WHERE: On Twitter, with the hashtag #MysticDames

We hope you can join us!

Also, quick reminder: if you are a free subscriber, this is the only email you are going to get from us today. BUT! If you are a paid subscriber (or if you become one before 8:30 tonight!), there’s a great newsletter full of links, #Beychella gifs, and all sorts of other good stuff coming in another hour or so. Be there or be square.

XOXO/Dames Margaret & Sophie