Love God, Herself

HELLO, Dames Nationals!

Hello, only dance Dame M. will ever do from this day forward.

Please join us in saluting Queen Allison, who this morning delighted us, her loyal subjects, by taking over the White House press briefing as C.J. Cregg, her objectively perfect character from The West Wing. We are basically taking this as an opportunity to share videos of her doing made-up dances based on occupations and “The Jackal” on various late night TV programs, and also to troll Hottie Christina with the following gifs, because Thirst Trolling is one of our Love Languages.

Kamille, BE HONEST. Did you start this rumor juuust to fuck with CT?
Christina, it's like she heard your "If Allison Janney Was Your Girlfriend" plea, and is talking RIGHT TO YOU.

Black Women Respond to Beyoncé’s Lemonade

This section comes to us courtesy of Ally & Amy, who run Girl Gang, and who graciously gave us permission to run their master list of black women’s responses to Beyoncé’s masterful visual album Lemonade in this issue. As they said, all four of us love Lemonade, but as white women, our affection for it is beside the point-- Beyoncé did not make this album for us. So we wanted to join them in highlighting these pieces from Bey's most important, and most centrally engaged audience: black women. Our big thanks to them for compiling all of these responses, to the women who wrote them, and to The Queen for her latest masterpiece. Long may She reign.

​If you have a favorite piece that did not make this comprehensive list, send a link to@jointhegirlgang on Twitter, or message them on Tumblr, as Ally & Amy will be updating their post as new pieces come in.

Dame Sophie’s Picks of the Week

Oh, hey, it’s Angel’s house from Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

  • Nearly every day, I find reason to bless the shining heads of archivists everywhere for preserving and sharing widely treasures that would otherwise be subject to decay and oblivion. This week, my admiration is aimed at the hardworking smarties at the University of Southern California, who have seen fit to digitize 1300 photographs of regional midcentury modern architectural perfection. If you need me, I’m going to be imagining myself swanning around a pool in Rancho Palos Verdes, caftan billowing in the breeze, for the next week.

  • File Under: Girls Subverting The Dominant Paradigm Is My Favorite & My Best: Bangladeshi surfer girls finding their power on the waves. Relatedly, I know we have a small but fierce contingent of mermaid fans in Dames Nation, who may well wish to know that this fellow spends his free time as a merman and runs a very successful business, making high-quality custom mer-tails for famous people & regular people with lots of discretionary income, too.

  • Have you ever wondered, “say, is it true that everything great about American culture is basically stolen from people of color & immigrant groups we don’t consider totally white?” Friends, yes. Listen to this episode of Latino USA, all about the unjustly under-famous Latino heroes of rock & roll, and share it with all your friends. If you don’t have an hour to devote to the full show, the producers have helpfully created a starter playlist right there in the show notes!

  • As a Philadelphia girl, I’m a little baffled by the notion that our hometown heroes Hall & Oates would be considered anything other than pop geniuses, and I’m so sorry that Nicholas Pell feels that his love of H&O is an Unpopular OpinionLook at these Top 10 hitsPure, silky fire! I recommend that Mr. Pell begin listening daily to 102.9 WMGK (Philadelphia’s Classic Rock!) via the radio app of his choice to commune with his musical people more regularly. Any duo who could inspire Vinny Van Lowe this wayhas to be on my musical heroes list.  

  • Finally, a little shop talk on how Marvel’s well-oiled production machine has helped usher in a newfangled studio picture era, where the auteurs have gone to TV and the highly competent journeymen are now making blockbusters. (I just realized I have been reading & admiring Adam Sternbergh’s entertainment business smarts for 16 years that have gone by in the blink of an eye. Dang.)

That’s why it’s hotter under the water!

Dame Margaret’s Etsy Thirst Trap Edition: Twee Movie Merchandise Edition!

Just caaaaaasually destroying your bank accounts here!

Every once in a while, instead of reading the Internet like the engaged, intelligent person I am, I receive a particularly effective marketing email from the monsters at Etsy, and instead spend 7-13 days window shopping in an absurdly narrow category like “vintage cocktail glasses” or “artsy posters for Wes Anderson movies.” PREVIOUSLY, I have just drunk this poison myself, and let my bank account bear the brunt of my taste alone. BUT NO MORE! This week, I am dragging ALL OF DAMES NATION down with me. So, without further ado, here is my first Etsy Thrist Trap, focused on Twee! Movie! Merchandise!

What's great about this poster is the way it assumes that NOT ONLY are there passionate 3:10 to Yuma fans out there, but that those fans ALSO love their basset hounds enough to need them inserted, too.
Also this store has made 1,923 sales. Just F.Y.I.

This Week in Hamilton

America’s highest-wattage smile.