NEW: We Your Dames, Collectively and Individually

Hello, loyal readers! We come to announce a fun change that Substack’s continued development has brought about: tools for team-authored newsletters!

Now all our identities are unlocked: we can merge together as Your Dames or write alone, as Dame Margaret or Dame Sophie.

Many of these new features, which we are lucky enough to beta-test for Substack, impact only creators. It is not of much interest to many of you, for example, that Sophie and I can now log into Substack individually when we’re editing, even if it makes our creative much simpler. But one part does impact you as readers: we now have bylines on the issues we have written individually, and profile pages for each of us.

So, if you know you want to read the case for Fleabag Season 2’s unparalleled excellence, a rumination on the quest for cultural catharsis, or a gorgeously thorough read of Harry Styles’s most recent music video, you can now go directly to Dame Sophie’s contributor page! Conversely, if you want to read about learning to love hardworking imperfection, the quiet radicalism of being a dandy , or the fresh resonance of old, sad songs , you can now go to my contributor page. We are so excited to have this fresh way of communicating with you. While our strength as a unit is undeniable, being able to speak more clearly in our individual voices is a power we are looking forward to exercising more often. If there are any individual pieces of writing in our old newsletters you think merit republishing as stand-alone posts (like the ones by me I featured here), please do @ us on Twitter, either collectively as @TwoBossyDames or individually as @sophiebiblio or @MrsFridayNext.

Yours in gleeful singularity,

Dame M.

p.s. This Friday’s newsletter is going to be our monthly subscriber exclusive, so if you want to hear about the too-expensive conditioner that’s given me honest-to-God Rich Person Hair, well…