Paid content is around the corner

Dear Darling Dames Nationals,

Hi! We hope all is well in your world. We wanted to send you a quick heads-up: next Friday, we are going to send our first paid subscriber-only issue. So on April 20, if you’re a paid subscriber, you’ll receive your Bossy Missive as you normally would, but if you’re a free subscriber, you won’t receive one. All of you will receive the issues due to publish on Friday, April 13th (*~wooo spooky!~*) and April 27.

Moving forward, all subscribers will receive at least 2 issues each month, but only paid subscribers will receive everything we write. There won’t be a set schedule for paid issues & free issues; just as we schedule our guest-edited issues differently each month, the schedule for paid content will be something we figure out based on a month-by-month basis, depending on our schedules, current events, and other factors.

So, if you want to guarantee receipt of all issues of this newsletter you love so very much, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid subscription. Through May 31st, you will be able to get a year’s worth of emails for $45, or subscribe on a monthly basis for $5 a month (with your first month free). Starting June 1, it will be $50/year or $5/month.

We love doing this newsletter and the community it has built with you. Also, it’s hard work! In addition to the obvious, visible work of reading and adorably annotating & critiquing the internet for you, there’s the routine administrative work of arranging guest editors, scheduling livetweets and podcast recordings, and a million other little odds & ends behind the scenes. Your subscription dollars help us cover the costs of the streaming platforms we use to find all the culture we scream about to you, the web services we use to enhance that shouting, and the honoraria we give to our guest editors. Most of all, though, they’re a way of showing us that you value our work. They give us the mental and emotional runway we need to keep investing in this project, and growing it, and perfecting it.

If you decide to stay a free subscriber: that’s just great!  You will still get at least two issues of the newsletter per month, everything we’ve written to date will be accessible in our archives for free, as will our podcast, and our inboxes (and hearts) are always open to you. If you really love us, but really can’t swing a paid subscription, please do sling us a note and we’ll try to work something out for you. And if you’re willing to throw us your $45/year or $5/month, we are confident that the #content we provide will be worth your while.


Your Dames