Pop Culture Care Package Pt. 10: Reading Aloud

Because grown-ups need storytime, too!

Hello and a good Sunday evening to you all, Dames Nation!

I hope you don’t feel this overwhelmed, but if you do, I got you, babe.

Are the Sunday Scaries hitting you? Like…every night? I find my peak anxiety time of day lately is midafternoon. There’s something weird about in-between times, I guess? I know bedtime is more of the classic time to be plagued with ennui & anxiety, so that’s where my thoughts have been turning lately.

If you need something lovely & genuinely soothing to help you drift off to slumberland, or just to help you feel good about the world for another much-needed 10 minutes anytime of day, let me recommend beloved novelist, Picard scribe, and eternal thirst trap Michael Chabon reading aloud classic picture books. The Rona is terrible, and yet I take great comfort and delight in the outpouring of generous creativity that so many of our best artists are sharing with us in her shadow.

For the last four days, Le Chabonbon has been posting videos of himself reading aloud on his Instagram, and then very considerately cross-posting them to his YouTube channel.

Here he is, looking like a hot intellectual lumberjack reading aloud from Harry The Dirty Dog, a mainstay of my gift selections for young book-lovers:

And here he is, reading aloud Ferdinand! While wearing a Whitesnake t-shirt! A double gift to us all!

Everything is terrible, but some things are still good, and I appreciate being reminded that we all deserve the comfort and charms of being read aloud to, however grown we are.

Wishing you all a good night’s sleep tonight! We have a really fun issue from a very special returning Guest Editrix tomorrow morning!