Pop Culture Care Package, Pt. 9

Brief, But Flawless

This video is four minutes and thirty-five seconds of pure joy. I can think of nothing better to share with you today than this. Or, well, this AND a timely reminder!

Timely reminder: A SIMPLE FAVOR livetweet tonight at 7:30 EST!

What you should do to any plan on your calendar that conflicts with this.

Inspired by Linda Holmes’s decision to livetweet the (still excellent) SPY last weekend, we wanted to watch another terrific film from Paul Feig’s oeuvre: the deliciously batty, slyly funny, unabashedly maximalist domestic thriller, A Simple Favor, which is presently streaming for free on Hulu and available to rent for minimal ducats on many other platforms. The movie is R-rated due to “nudity and sexual encounters, some violence without significant gore, more than 50 F-words and other profanities, and lots of cocktail drinking”, according to Kids In Mind’s review. “Lots of cocktail drinking” is surely what moved the rating from PG-13 territory to an R. Quel scandale!

What: Streaming A Simple Favor either on Hulu or via the streaming platform of your choice.

When: Saturday, 3/21, at 7:30 PM EDT

Where: Under the hashtag #ASimpleSaturday on Twitter or in our newsletter-only chat thread. Ooooh, fancy! Yet accessible!

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

XO/Dame M.