Puppies! Pumpkins! Pig Pen! And More!

Alright, friends, we admit it, it's finally happened.
We're totally over Fall now.

hahahahahaha just playing we still totally aren't seasons are so baller!!!!!!!!!

Celebrity News You Can Use
First! David Sedaris, Noted Litter Tidier of Rural England, Has Trash Truck Named For Him!

The best thing about this article about America's favorite humorous personal essayist is not that it quotes both his local district councillor and the Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex, but that its author seems wholly unaware of Sedaris's life as a wildly successful humorous personal essayist. Perhaps he is not huge in the UK?Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex, Susan Pyper said: “The sign on this truck is a very fitting way to say a huge ‘thank you’ to David for his tireless efforts picking up our litter and making our part of West Sussex a cleaner and more pleasant place to live.“Not many people would give up many hours of their valuable spare time clearing up after others - he is a real local hero.”Yes, yes he is. Thanks, Pig Pen! (h/t to Sophie's pal Erin Helmrich for sharing this link on FB!) And, in a similar vein, here are some other brief, bright moments from celebrities we like to pretend we are friends with:Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are engaged in an autograph war. We're eagerly awaiting its expansion, hoping it might someday soon grow to include......Amy Poehler, who's using her #flawless Yes, Please author photo as a chance to finagle an invitation aboard Judge Judy's yacht, Triumphant Lady......and whose fictional alter-ego, Leslie Knope, would feel about meeting Hilary Clinton almost just exactly how 10-year-old Macy Friday didTwee As Hell Visual Crushes of the Week

  1. Fiction to Fashion, a blog that caters to those of us who want to cosplay as characters from our favorite books, from Sherlock Holmes to Eleanor & Park to Richard Scarry (those heart-pocket lederhosen, though!). 

  2. These owl-shaped bookends-cum-glasses holders. 

  3. The mid-century modern perfection of Eero Saarinen's TWA terminal at JFK Airport. So swoopy!

  4. This listicle of 19 Corgis Who Will Make You Ridiculously Excited About Fall (via Friend of the Dames Amy Cavanaugh) whence this week's opening gifs were culled.

Our Tunes, Ourselves
This week in Stevie Nicks, she recorded a version of Rhiannon with Haim and then inducted them into her witchy songstress sorority with golden moon pendants. O, to be a fly upon that wall! To be a link in that chaaaaain (keep us together)!

We further discovered that, to no one's surprise at all, Karen Carpenter's isolated vocal tracks are haunting and lovely. Margaretstrongly suggests that you listen to them all first thing on Sunday morning, with whatever caffeinated beverage you like best, especially if it's raining. Don't you remember you told me you loved me, baby? [Sophie: weeps softly, wraps shawl around herself]

Mary Timony super-hates "Your Body Is A Wonderland", by John Mayer, and we know what you're thinking: duh, Sophie & Margaret. Everyone hates that song. First of all, au contraire! Kazillions in sales do not lie. Secondly, that cover of "XO" that he did over the summer was pretty good (better than Haim's! There, I said it! [Ed. note: Only Sophie said this. Margaret is actually pretty fond of Haim's "XO," though she has no beef with this Mayer version.] [Further Ed. note: Sophie has a lamentable history of just...not loving Haim's covers of various songs. She is weird like that.]). Thirdly, while maybe (probably) most people do come over with horrified gooseflesh at the very mention of "Your Body Is A Wonderland", but few of us are as eloquent as to why. Timony breaks it down, takes you on a journey, and is funny & reasonably humane about it, to boot, which is all one can ask of a hate-listen. 

We're a little surprised that Pitchfork didn't include Lana del Rey in theirthinkpiece on Twin Peaks's pop legacy, but it is very much worth a read.

And if you still miss Aaliyah like Sophie does,Tinashe's deliberately breathy, slowed-down song stylings& deeply 90s-influenced sartorial style may fill that hole in your heart. Ears. Whatever, let's not think about that metaphor too deeply. (More more Everything Old Is New Again R&B goodness, see also: FKA Twigs. Ben Ratliff & Jon Caramanica had some smart things to say about both of these ladies recently on theNYT Popcast.)

Finally, cross-file this Bitter Southerner story about thelively, moving AARP-friendly dance nightsat Kenner, Louisiana's Treasure Chest Casino under We Want To Go To There. 

In the cobalt-colored glow of the Caribbean Room — just a floor below unsuspecting people watching the roulette wheels spin or hollering out for three cherries — a mature subculture boogies into the night.

The No-Longer-Just-Boobs Tube!

Lots of fascinating things are happening lately in TV land. First and foremost: there was a HEP ALIEN REUNION this week!!! 

RelatedKathryn VanArendonk, beautiful television genius/cherished pal of Ms. Margaret, wrote a so-good-it'll-make-you-slap-your-forehead-in-a-revelatory-fashion piece onhow Gilmore Girls "sticks out like Emily Gilmore at Luke's Diner" in today's Serious Man Drama era of quality television. The Huffington Post'sMo Ryantook a long look athow the Serious Man Drama's dominance of the quality television landscape is fracturing, due in part to Outlander's understanding that its viewers want to take a long (LONG) look at Sam Heughan's bare, beautifully muscled back. Flavorwire interviewedBruce Gilbert about his superb musical choices on Amazon Prime's new series Transparent, one of the many things that place it among the cream of the Not-Sad-Man crop. Over at Vanity Fair,Richard Lawsonwrote incisively aboutHow to Get Away with Murder and the way it typifies the ShondaLand-sponsored sea-change in how minority stories are appearing on our TVs. And, finally, Vulture's unrelentingly brilliantMargaret Lyonsmadea great list of 90s sitcoms that should be on Netflix, already, the only flaw of which is that if even half of these licensing deals came to pass, none of us would ever work another day in our lives. 

Unrelated to Anything Else Herein, but Delightful To Us & Therefore Maybe to You, Too
Take a little movie quiz withFrances McDormand. New license to stock up on My Little Pony, Hello Kitty and Avengers coloring books at the $1 Spot at your local Target:Coloring is totally good for you! Relatedly,lose literal HOURS of your lifeplaying with this digital spirograph! You can assume that unless you hear otherwise, Mallory Ortberg of The Toast is killing us softly every week with her idiosyncratic as she wants to be comedic genius. This week, though, we are especially dead, thanks to her mapping ofAnne of Green Gables characters to Gilmore Girls characters. And her list ofnon-murderous Decemberists songs. And herhelpful glossary of the opaque & often horrible abbreviations from parenting discussion boards. We would promise not to overburden you with Ortbergiana in the future, but you never know when Mallory is going to have A Week.

Bonus: Still Totally Into Fall, Autumnal Baking Edition!
Maybe you love baking. Maybe you just love baked goods. Either way, Fall recipes, specifically spiced cakes, are pretty much the best thing ever, and these recipes demand to be shared! Make them yourself, or share them pointedly with the best, most generous baker in your life. Either way, we urge you to om all the noms with Smitten Kitchen'sCarrot Cake With Olive Oil & Cider (or herMajestic & Moist Honey Cake, which, if you grew up eating the cardboard-like honey cakes of Rosh Hashanahs gone by, trust: this is goooood), the late, great Laurie Colwin'sGingerbread, or Nigella Lawson'sChocolate Gingerbread, which is one of Sophie's most asked-for signature desserts.

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