Sending You Out of 2017 On A Cloud of Snuggliness & Bracing E*MO*TIONs

Dames Nationals!
Dame Margaret did for you this week an incredible act of service: She watched the Netflix Original movie A CHRISTMAS PRINCE (which brings made-for-TV-filmmaking at its most absurd to your favorite streaming platform) and made a podcast gently mocking it in loving detail.

You’re welcome.

It is Very Bad. Do not be so ensorcelled by the excellent jokes Margaret and her co-hosts make about the film and watch it for yourself-- if you must have more #content, both #damespal Kathryn and EW’s Dana Schwartz have written extremely funny recaps. And the tonsorially majestic Rahul Kohli also hilariously live-tweeted his watch of it, partly in support of his beloved iZombie colleague Rose McIver, partly in support of entertaining the general public. But if you need something to entertain you while you frantically wrap presents, this episode of Appointment Televison could be just the thing.

Dame Margaret Keeps the Cry in Christmas

Dame M. looking at a calendar with NO WORK WHATSOEVER for ELEVEN DAYS!

  • Ugly cry alert: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s partner Mimi O’Donnell wrote about falling in love with him, his struggles with addiction, and the horrible grief of losing him. Not an easy read, but an intensely powerful one.

  • And in a similar but less absolutely devastating vein, I loved this interview with Thelma Schoonmaker, one of Hollywood’s most accomplished cinematographers, on her relationship with her late husband, director Michael Powell, and his favorite of his films, the supremely weird but deeply charming A Matter of Life and Death, a recently restored print of which is currently making the run of repertory theaters worldwide. It’s such a treat to read about respectful relationships between artistic equals.

  • Broadcast News is one of those movies I always think I should love, but can only ever manage to quite like. That said, this absolutely terrific longreadabout  how the movie was made and just how much it anticipated about our current moment in journalism has made me resolve, again, to watch it one more time and see if THIS is the moment I finally respond to it the way I have always thought I should.

  • Helena Fitzgerald’s  “20 Authors I Don’t Have to Read Because I’ve Dated Men for 16 Years” is so perfect that it nearly makes the all the time I have spent listening to men much stupider than me talk about books feel worthwhile.

  • ​As the Season of Bougie Dinner Parties rolls on, allow me to recommend my new favorite Bougie Conversation Starter: “If The New York Times Magazineinvited you to write something for their Letter of Recommendation series, what would you write about?” For me? I feel like maybe Josephine Tey, maybe lipstick, or maybe loose-leaf tea, or maybe Ernst Lubitsch films, or maybe movie theaters, or maybe creative partnership, or maybe epistolary novels, or maybe UGH HOW DO YOU PICK JUST ONE AND HOW DO YOU MAKE IT SUFFICIENTLY PROFOUND? Recent excellent installments from the column: Letter of Recommendation: Stump the Bookseller and Letter of Recommendation: ‘Passport to Your National Parks.’ Join me as we all brainstorm bougily together.

  • NPR Music's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2017 is up, and it put both Charli XCX and Kesha in the top twenty, so it's perfect. The corresponding Spotify playlist is an EXCELLENT way to find a new musician to love.

  • On December 26th, the Canadian music website Zunior has its annual Boxing Day sale, where all digital downloads are half-price, bringing the cost of albums down from $8.88 Canadian Dollars to $4.44 Canadian Dollars. Browsing this sale and discovering new Canadians to love is a ritual I cherish in a weird and deep way. If you need a list of people worth your time, well, GUESS WHAT, I have one for you RIGHT HERE

Dame Sophie’s Year-End Grab Bag

Not sure how a frozen dessert-themed squeezy toy embodies "grab bag",
Google Image Search, but I'm going with it!

Well done, old chap! Cheers, darling!