SURPRISE, Dames Nation!

When we said you wouldn’t see us until 2016, we lied. We have one more tiny bit of Bossing for you before we take our break. Namely, Dame M. has a Bossy Spotlight about what to watch while you’re on vacation and This Week In Hamilton continues to be necessary.

Bossy Spotlight: Carrie, Gary, and Catastrophe

As a dyed-in-the-wool Star Wars fiend, Dame Sophie found much in the publicity onslaught for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to delight her. As a dyed-in-the-wool Star Wars indifferent, Dame Margaret found much to ignore-- it almost made her giddy with relief, to have something she cared this little about receive this much press. There was so much less internet to read!! However, there was one thing, one glorious, shining piece of flotsam that even she, a CERTIFIED OVERLOOKER, could not ignore. And that was Carrie Fisher’s genuinely glorious Good Morning America interview on December 5th, to which she brought her #flawless french bulldog, Gary, pictured adorably above and also below: 
In and of itself, this interview is a treasure. It introduces you to the phrase "I think in my mouth," which we imagine you will henceforth find indispensable. It shows Carrie turning questions about her diet and weight loss  back around on her svelte blonde interviewer in a series of increasingly hilarious-yet-stunningly-not-hostile queries that culminate in Carrie saying simply "Your parents mated well. Please congratulate them.” And, best of all, it closes with Gary actually falling asleep, mid-interview: 
If all this interview had done was convince me to look on Buzzfeed for further Gary coverage: DAYENU. If all it had done was remind me to give praise, once again, for the strange twist of fate that lead to Carrie Fisher, certified weirdo funny genius truth-talker, being cast as one of the most iconic sci-fi heroines of all-time: DOUBLE DAYENU. But, even better-- TRIPLE DAYENU!!-- it reminded me that both Carrie and Gary did some tiny but exquisite work in one of my favorite tiny, exquisite things from the whole of 2015: the 6-episode Sharon Horgan-Rob Delaney comedy Catastrophe from Amazon Prime. Dame Margaret already sang its praises on Pop Culture Happy Hour, but SHE IS SINGING THEM ANEW! In this series, Rob plays Rob, an American ad-man who knocks up Sharon (played--surprise!!-- by Sharon), a 40-something Irish schoolteacher living in London with whom he has a glorious week-long fling while on a business trip.
He decides to move to England to make it work and what ensues is a comedy that's simultaneously quite sexually frank... 

Did Dame M. try to clip this scene and have it played on Nation Public Radio? MAYBE.

..and extraordinarily tender, punctuated by brief, deliciously tart interludes featuring Carrie as Rob's disapproving American mother. Interludes that may literally have been phoned-in from Carrie Fisher's own home, featuring Carrie Fisher in her own billowy cardigans, surrounded by Carrie Fisher's own dogs, including GARY. Who you may have heard of as:
To watch this, of course, you have to become a member to Amazon Prime. But! If you are anything like Dame M., then you have probably had to do that in order to get "cheap" shipping on all your exceedingly last-minute holiday purchases! So, comfort yourself for that foolish expenditure by watching this show. With just six 24-minute-episodes, it clocks in at just under 2.5 hours total, and is exactly the kind of thing that you can watch:

  • In an airport on layover!

  • While wrapping all those last minute presents you bought!

  • While hiding from your family members in the closet of your childhood bedroom with half a bottle of wine!

  • Just about anywhere this holiday takes you!

Because the shows chief delights lie in the dialogue and interplay between the characters, you could even watch it on a tiny smartphone screen and not cheapen the experience unduly! So please: Go forth and be charmed by Carrie, Gary, Sharon, and Rob! Thank us later. 

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