Summer Loves: Negronis, Judy Blume, and Tea Rooms (and Lady Rage)

Dames Nation, it's official: Summer is here. And you know what that means?

By this, we mean not that it's time to drink Negronis (at best an acquired taste) but instead that it's time to re-read that classic Internet Horror Story, Negroni Season by Evelyn Everlady, and its companion pieces in her series The Worst Boyfriend in the World. And raise a glass (of Negroni or the beverage of your choice) to all the people we're not speaking to, especially if they are really dreadful ex-partners. 

And, because that couldn't possibly be enough Evelyn for anyone, it's time to catch up with Evelyn as she and Choire Sicha talk about why we publish our personal horror stories and what Hank the Chocolate Lab is up to these days.

This Week In Being a Woman

  • Why are we still acting like menstruation is so weird & shameful that we have to hide our tampons? 

  • This woman has discovered the true key to public transportation freedom: sitting on manspreaders. Just sitting right on top of them. Unlike saying, "excuse me", it actually works!   

  • Dame Sophie, are you ever going to stop linking to pieces interrogating dumb assumptions & opinions about What's Wrong With How Women Are Talking These Days? Glad you asked! No, I'm not.  

  • Think American Girl dolls are just about merchandising dollars? After reading Addy Walker, American Girl, we're placing holds on all of the Addy books at our local libraries. 

  • Lower Dens singer Jana Hunter on how misogyny in music is basically inescapable, even when you don't identify as a woman. 

  • Would you like a mental palate cleanser after those rage aperitifs? How about this delightful (as in 100% FULL of delight) Pop Culture Happy Hour roundtable discussion on romance novels with Sarah Wendell, Barrie Hardymon & Petra Mayer? Sarah, ever-helpful and a champion readers' advisor, put together a handy list of titles from their discussion with host  (and Dames friendship midwife) Linda Holmes.

  • Judy Blume, Judy Blume, Judy BLUUUUUUUME! In a future issue, Dame Sophie will tell you all the story of the time she mistook a family friend for Judy Blume and the now-hilarious mortification that ensued when she was gently corrected by said friend. For now, please enjoy these highlights from The Great One's press tour in support of her new novel, In the Unlikely Event.

Twee as Hell's Triumphant Return! 

We know, we owe you gentle readers a lengthy Bossy Take on what we really mean by twee, and this topic is on deck for us to address this summer, but in the meantime, won't you please enjoy these adorrrrrable links?

We want to go to there.

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