Tears n' Vows & Vows n' Tears

Your response to our JUST ONE WEEK OLD Patreon campaign has been GOBSMACKING!
We keep trying to figure out which makes us cry more-- seeing a friend's name among our supporters or spotting a stranger's. The answer is BOTH make us cry more and EVERYTHING makes us cry more.

We are WELL ON OUR WAY to achieving our $500-a-month goal of creating Two Bossy Dames merchandise for you all, something we thought we wouldn't achieve for...well, months. 

We'll just stick to links and leave the UNIMAGINABLE GENEROSITY to you all.

Dame Margaret is doing this one alone, so it's shorter than usual and MIGHT HAVE MORE TYPOS, but she hopes that you will forgive her in advance. It's the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting and she has SO many hugs she has to dole out.


Dame Margaret's Top Five

This Week in Hamilton:

  • Monday, Monday, Mondaaaaaaaaay! January 11 will be the 261st anniversary of the birth of our favorite Founding Father. We’ll raise a glass in his honor!

  • Last week’s Ladies of HAMILTON #Ham4Ham makes both your Dames want to stand up & shout HOT DAMN every time they see it. Gender-swapped HAMILTON speedily & in our days & let us say AMEN.

  • It has already inspired some gorgeous fan art of actress Morgan Marcell’s Hamilton, including the image opening this section-- currently Lin-Manuel’s Twitter avatar!!!

  • Dame Margaret is still DEEP in her previously mentioned Rose Lernerobsession and the free short story Lerner just released featuring the hero of her novel True Pretenses conning Aaron Burr is NOT helping.

  • We’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING: How AJ Curry got engaged in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Dressing Room at the Richard Rogers Theater (aka How We Fell In Love Again With Lin’s Dad, Luis Miranda).

  • Cutest Broadway Couple Anthony Ramos & Jasmine Cephas Jonesrecorded a mash-up of “Higher Love”, “Rather Be” and “Human Nature”, which, though it’s a little adult contemporary for our taste, nonetheless has us longing for an album of duets by these two.