The One Where Sophie & Margaret Totally Shock You

Okay so, friends. I know we usually open these things up with a gif. 


There's a Tumblr called "Dogs Impersonating Biden" and you need to know about it AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. So Margaret is leading with Biden Corgi and we both hope you understand.

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Celebrity Friends in our Heads
(Oh, like you don't send psychic texts to Connie Britton. Come on! This is a safe space.)

The 500 Notorious RBG shirts of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Readers, if you have spotted the moderately obscure children's lit joke in that line, you will earn a place in our hearts forever. If you didn't, don't sweat it, just hie thee to thy local library to read one of the greatest longform picture books of all time.) 

Deranged Millionaire and Internet Judge John Hodgman answers eleven questions for The AV Club and continues his streak of expressing terrifying truths in such a funny, warm way that Margaret is almost at peace recognizing herself within them. Like, on his propensity for self-sabotage, he says "I’m constantly lashing myself to band saws, then walking out of the room while the band saw slowly draws near me" which is both a perfectly absurd image and sometimes exactly as elaborate as Margaret's self-sabotage feels. "John Hodgman, you get me," says Margaret. "And God bless your wife for live-tweeting all your best Scrabble games, so that I can even more effectively pretend to be your friend."  

The cast of The Princess Bride -- including Carol Kane, Christopher Guest, Chris Sarandon, Robin Wright and Billy Crystal -- performs the audiobook for Cary Elwes'As You Wish. Sophie's Audible credit for the month is already spent, and happily. Many thanks to keen reader's advisor Jackie Parker for the heads-up! 

Neil Patrick Harris' first job was in a bookstore! We knew we liked the cut of that guy's jib. He is also 10,000% correct, The Westing Game should absolutely be made into a movie.

While we're on the subject of Neils, it seems worth mentioning that Hitchcock muse Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith once owned a pet lion of that name in the 70s. Here is Tippi, nobly bringing to life our Library Lion-inspired dreams by using Neil as a giant reading pillow: 
Twee as Hell & Loving It

  1. Finn Family Moomintroll Goes to the Riviera! It's in Finnish, but you can get the gist from the A-dorable animation.

  2. Stuart Murdoch discussing every Belle & Sebastian album. This piece openswith Stuart encountering puppies in an airport. Take your insulin before reading further.

  3. Giant. Ice Cream Cone. Lamp.

  4. Some #flawless Michigan wedding vendors mocked up the world's greatest Parks & Recreation themed wedding, complete with a wedding cake made of waffles. Every detail is wonderful, PLEASE investigate all of them.

This Week In Irresistible GIFs
Pu Gong Ying Tu
Pu Gong Ying Tuis an interactive light painting of dandelions by Jie Qi. When you blow on it, you make the dandelion fluff scatter! We could stare at this for hours. Maybe we have. We confess & regret nothing! (PS how do you like that GIF, above? We've never made one of our own before. Thanks to Friend of the DamesAmanda Brennanfor the GIFgrabber rec.)

Cinemagraphs of City Life & Nature. To quote Keanu Reeves, WHOA.

Not GIFs, but an Incredibly Beautiful Internet Thing by NPR isNicole CohenandBeth Novey'sThis Is Color, which combines facts about color -- some you knew, some that will be new to you -- with clever, nostalgia-drenched design, to boot. 

Real Talk About Serious Things
(Which is also fairly navel-gazey, but perhaps, dear readers, you will relate?)

Sophie:So, I know we both found this article on howADHD presents in women & girls differently from men & boysdeeply resonant. It was one of those reading experiences where I kept thinking, "did I write this and not tell myself?" I don't manifest every single symptom the author describes, but the scatteredness, the periods of hyperfocus alternating with a crippling inability to focus, the shame over not being able to keep it all together...ooof.

Margaret:  Yeah, when I saw you share it on Facebook earlier this week, I immediately saw myself in it and my first thought was "OH SNAP, what if--secretly--this is the answer to the oft-asked question 'How did you two get so cool?'" Is it because we're both somewhere on the ADHD scale and persistently have upwards of 50 tabs open in our browser at any given moment? Is it because our brains flick from topic to topic with the manic speed of a hummingbird's wings?

Sophie:I think this is definitely a piece of the puzzle, my fellow glorious hummingbird-magpie-owl hybrid creature. To armchair psychologize, I think it's part of what gives us the capacity to take in and enjoy so! much! culture! Based on our massive & absolutely scientifically significant sample of two, I hypothesize that we use our focus like a zoom lens: sometimes we hyperfocus on the one or two things we are super-into, and sometimes we let that focus go soft, or put pins in thoughts to come back to them later, and then voila! There's a pattern we wouldn't have seen if we'd been focusing on things in their "proper" order.


Unrelated to Anything Else Herein, but Delightful To Us & Therefore Maybe to You, Too

The Radiotopia Kickstarter has just announced it's first stretch goal, which is setting out to achieve gender parity! Whooooo Roman Mars and Co! Of the new podcasts Radiotopia is hoping to add, Margaret highly recommends CRIMINAL as a methadone-type aid for soothing obsessive thoughts during the wait for a new episode of SERIAL. SPEAKING of podcasts hosted by women, you can hear Margaret explain why everything is better if you just add drag queens on today's bonus episode of The Worst Bestsellers, hosted by Renata and Kait.  

Jessica of Go Fug Yourself put together a terrific tribute to the late, lamented Oscar de la Renta, Margaret and Sophie would like one of each dress featured in the accompanying slideshow but especiallythis oneandthis one. Theseportraits of Nigerian courtiers and commoners in the 20th centuryare both fascinating and dapper as hell-- we're particularly intothis guy with a tennis trophy.What happens when you send guys on Tinder the emails fromYou've Got Mail? Theheight of comedyis what.

Margaret's newest Imaginary Best Friend,Vulture TV critic Margaret Lyons(M: No relation!) wrote a great edition ofher TV advice columnthis week. It's ostensibly abouthow to cure a broken heart with TV, but with its invitation to send puppy gifs and reference to The Magnetic Fields' song"Busby Berkeley Dreams" it functions equally well as a stealth argument for why Margaret and Margaret and Sophie should be pals. And finally:A NEW DECEMBERISTS ALBUM HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!!!! Commence THIS-ing with Margaret: 

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