Those Cosmopolitan Corvids and Other Natural Wonders

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Further Nemesis Notes
Last week, we talked about nemeses, and as usual, many of you had wise, witty & trenchant things to add to the conversation. Hence! Further notes!

BOW DOWN BEFORE CORVIDS, THE GREATEST FAMILY OF BIRDSFriend of the Dames Lisa Schmeiser asked in a recent issue of her almost maddenly smart and useful newsletter if her readers have favorite flying feathered friends. What perfect timing she has, because this is the week Dame Margaret planned to share with you all her rationale for the greatness of corvidae, the order of birds which includes ravens, crows, magpies, and blue jays (FoD Lisa's stated favorite!). WHY are the birds of the family corvidae the absolute greatest? Let Dame Margaret count the ways:

​So, in not-at-all-short: Corvidae. The greatest family of birds OF ALL TIME.

Tasty Grooves of the Week

Twee as Hell:

Visual Crushes

  • Jack Donaghy wept: a perfectly preserved 1956 kitchen with original GE appliances! Wall-to-wall Button Classic!  

  • Chicana Flappers, proving once again that true chic transcends every boundary.  (Here’s a story about how great serendipity is: Dame Sophie saw this link on Twitter, via NPR journalist Jasmine Garsd, who shared it as one of the gems she found in her research for a piece she wrote this week.)

  • McCall’s Pattern Behavior combines vintage sewing patterns w/snarky captions. BOOM. There’s your Friday afternoon commute guffaw:  

  • Annnnd, here’s one for the fans of the hot & brainy (that is, all of you): the eye-scorching Dr. Oliver Sacks, astride his motorcycle (!!) in New York in 1961, when he was but a soon-to-be-famous neurologist.  Excuse us while we stagger to our fainting couches, handkerchiefs in hand, because we know his time with us is limited by metastatic cancer. Dame Sophie particularly recommends his deeply personal work, Island of the Colorblind, both because it’s her favorite of his books (it’s something between a memoir and a scientific endeavor, and it features ancient plants, so come on) and because its South Pacific setting makes her feel a gentle tropical breeze across her cheek. 

Miscellany, Like Ralph Bellamy! (We are silly.)

No, Cary, we were talking about your co-star but couldn't find a gif of him.