Very NEARLY a Week Off

Dearest darling Dames supporters, 
This is going to be a light week. Our brains (AND WRISTS!) are weary. 
So, instead of sending you a million links, we're going to light some candles, drink champagne in a bath tub...
..., and leave you with just FIVE links this week.
But like 
really good ones.


  1. ​Jonathan Franzen, Dame Sophie's #1 Nemesis, stepped to The Audobon Society and Mark Jannot (their vice president) (a) called him a "bird lover" in SARCASTIC QUOTATION MARKS and (b) unleashed so much well-earned shade that Franzen will be lucky to ever see the sun again. We will now spend the rest of our lives hoping that ALL our nemeses run aFOWL (hahahaha ow no I know I'm sorry) of these feather-friend-loving avengers. (h/t our beloved friend Amy!)

  2. Nicole Soojung Callahan explained with exact perfection just what it would be like if John Cho were your boyfriend (N.B. Every articles in this series is PURE MURDER). Dame Sophie's favorite part: His effect on your library book sale haul. Dame Margaret's favorite part: His considerate accommodation of how quickly you get behind on your New Yorker subscription. 

  3. Dames' favorite WAXAHACHTEE shared her terrific new album through NPR Music's First Listen series and Dames Margaret and Sophie felt very THIS about the whole thing:

  4. Artist Lisa Ericson dedicated a series of paintings to HYPER-REALISTICALLY DEPICTING HER FICTIONAL MOUSE-BUTTERFLY SPECIES and Dames Margaret and Sophie died and went to Twee as Hell Heaven.

  5. And-- god bless them to the skies-- The New York Times introduced us to "the cuddly, fluffy, surreal world of angora show bunnies" , sharing some truly magnificent portraits along with a hilariously great article on angoras, which Your Beloved Dames are officially deeming THE NEW SLOTHS. You heard it here first, guys! Count how many times they are compared to lifeless pillows! Just count! (h/t to Kathryn, who is perfect, and just newly 30!)

Still hungry for more delicious links? Feel free to avail yourselves of our archive! If Ms. Bacall's ceaseless shimmying gives you a migraine, just bring in the edges of your browser window until they are flush with the edges of Tiny Letter's text box and she'll be removed from view. 

We will be back next week at our usual 
almost-but-not-quite-overwhelming length.
Till then, ta ta!

 Thanks so much for reading!