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Two Bossy Dames is one of our very favorite ways to end the week. It's whip-smart and glamorously sassy. Get on board, or miss out on pure goodness.

-- Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, founders of Go Fug Yourself and authors of The Royal We

Two Bossy Dames has achieved the practically impossible: created a world that is intelligent, adorable, cozy, and somehow feels like you're cuddled in an embroidered cashmere blanket with your best girlfriends texting with Colin Firth. IN FOOTIE JAMMIES IN A LIBRARY. Margaret and Sophie are both brilliant, laugh-out-loud and read-out-loud funny, and will make you wish they had their own emoji.

-- Barrie HardymonNPR Goddess

The Two Bossy Dames newsletter is a ray of sunshine in my inbox each week. With sass, class, and delicious commentary on pop culture, history, and more, these two ladies help sharpen my critical side -- with a mad dash of GIFfage, twee-dom, and charm.

-- Kelly Jensen, Noted Feminist Killjoy, Internet Badass, and Unlikable Female Protagonist. Editor of the acclaimed YA anthothology Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World.

Why should you support Two Bossy Dames? Because the newsletter is a weekly dispatch from a magical pop culture landscape shaped by two curators whose thoughtful collections are delightful, so much so that their delight is exceeded only by the sincere and genuine exuberance with which they are presented.

-- Lisa SchmeiserWriter & Culture Critic of Our Hearts

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In which Margaret & Sophie & Karen boss the Internet with impeccable discernment & insouciant charm. Cultural recommendations & commentary every Friday evening.


Margaret is a librarian, podcaster, culture writer, and self-described social media bon vivant based in Boston. You can find her on Twitter at @MrsFridayNext.
Karen Corday is a writer in Western Massachusetts.
Sophie Brookover is a culture writer in South Jersey. She's on Twitter, etc. at @sophiebiblio.