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Sending You Out of 2017 On A Cloud of Snuggliness & Bracing E*MO*TIONs

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Patti La Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

Furious Reckonings & Copious Sneezing

Bossy Spotlight: Dame Margaret on her One True Victorian Love, Elizabeth Gaskell

No Jive Turkeys Within

Nicollective Bargaining

Concrete Victories and Easy Recipes

The World is Full of Zanies and Fools

The Season of the Witch, Bold Red Lips, and Le Chabonbon

Ceremonials Scissors & Other Wonders

Mamas, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up To Join Covens

Band Aids, Bullet Holes, & Third Birthdays

Revenge of the Hotties

Equinox, Time To Rock!

Phryne's Ready For Her Close-Up

More Discussion of Boobs In Here Than Is Really Typical

Birthday Plans, Philanthropic Goals, and Petty Complaints

An All-Singing, All-Snacking Guest-Dames Extravaganza!

Queen Taffy & A Heavenly Host of End of Summer Goodies

Premium Boys & Their Delicate Activities

Which Witch is Which?

To The Edge of Obsession and Back

Raucous Gold Lamé Delight In The Face Of Migraines and Misery

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A Compendium of Books to Stain With Chlorine, Saltwater, & Rosé

It’s Always Sunny in Malaysia: Two Bossy Dames But With 100% Humidity!

Seriously? Seriously. Also Frivolously.

Lady Rage, Male Zen, and Carly Rae Feels

Dame Sophie's Ongoing Quest for Cultural Catharsis

Headphone Happiness and a Shockingly Minimal Amount of Harold Fashion

Cardigans & Edicts & MUCH Advice

Forearmed is Forewarned

Scams of Recent History & The Art of the Con

Old Baby Queers & Awkward Baby Deers

Pandas & Sunnies & Nighies, Oh My!

Opulence, Dimples, and Our Lady of Perpetual Pettiness

A Brief Harry Styles Primer For Young Olds

Love, ABBA, and a Treatise on Sophie's Favorite New Rake

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Your St Patrick’s Day Shot of Scandalous Undertakings

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