Sitemap - 2016 - twobossydames

The Cooking of Joy

Lumberjacks, George Michael, and Many Different Kinds of Magick

Reclaiming "Last Christmas"

Taking a break from all your worries

Molly Weasley, Acoustic Guitar Crimes, and Additional Ephemera

Friendships and Funny in a Time of Fear

Bossy Take: This National Nightmare

Only Children, Anne Tryhardaway, and Shade Street Kitchen

Hillary Clinton and Hardworking Imperfection

Sports for Non-Sportsers, Cephalopods, & Tinglers for All

Soup Shibboleths & Synergy

Terrible Twos!

#Hamildames Part Deux: Electric Tweetaloo

Serial Monogamists of Making Stuff

Look Around, Look Around, At How Lucky You Are To Have Dames Right Now

Gather Round The GBBO Hot Takes Chafing Dish

Oy, enough already with the poodles!

Good As Hell Tween Edition

Forever and Always Committed to Fetch and Fluff

Lindsay Lohan moves through the Chateau Marmont

Croquembouche Monsieur

Phanatical Philadelphia, Phantom Toolbooths, & Praise of Dandies

In Praise of Dandies

Baby, You're a Firework!

Two Bossy PhDs

Finding the Joyous Shruggie Within

Hold on for one more day

Sea of Chaos; Island of Frivolity

A Festschrift for The Toast

Golden Dames

Our Name is... Advice-ander Hamil-dames?

The Party's Still Raging, But Now We've Got Tunes

Lady Raaaaaaage


Middle Fingers Up

Tears Make Toast Soggy :(

Boozy Slushiewatch 2016

Love God, Herself

Thank U 4 A Funky Time

Witchy, adorable & linky

Infanticide Doughnuts, Sequins, & Other Lavish Treats

Freaky Friday Friday Fridayyyyyy

10 Pounds of Culture in a 5-Pound Bag

West Coast Edition

Low Battery Power Mode

Baller Moves & Best Winks of The Week

Anniversaries, Mutual Admiration, & Rage Blackouts

Zaftig Hotties & Women Laughing Alone With Salads

Christina & Kamille: The Hottie Takeover

A bittersweet symphony of pastels

Homoerotic Subtext Should Always Actually Be Text

Sexual Activity: ALWAYS a La Carte, Never Prix Fixe

A Festschrift for Bowie

Tears n' Vows & Vows n' Tears

Lucille Ball: She To Whom All Vine Stars Aspire