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Everybody, Carlton Dance Now


Dogs Both Goofus and Gallant, Plus Other Things We Avidly Love

Victory Dances, Bratwurst, and the VERY BEST Worst Deals

#ServiceJournalism: Audible Sale Guide!!

Butterball Hotline Bling(ee)

Auxiliary Dames of the Week!

<3 <3 A Hyggelicious Giveaway <3 <3

Snuggle up, buttercups!

Backflipping into November

#Gloomvmber, #Punimwatch, and Other Sundry Hashtags We've Invented

Drake & Dames-o-ween

#Hamildames, Managerial Incompetence, and Many, Many Tears

But How DID We Get To Be So Very Bossy?

People of the world, join hands, start a Hamil-train


Home again, home again, jiggety yaaaaas!

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Rollin' With The Homies

Categorize Us, We Defy (Many) Labels!

Adult Snack Tray Edition

Are You Ready for a Brand New Beat?

You Better Come On In This House!

Five by Five by Five

<3 <3 B'sheret to be Besties <3 <3

Don't You Dare Look Back!

Footloose and Fancy Free!

A slight stutter in our originally scheduled programming...

Your swagger and your bearing....

Summer Loves: Negronis, Judy Blume, and Tea Rooms (and Lady Rage)

Feelin’ Our Birthday Links, Feelin’ Our Selves

Name Games, Gifted Headaches, and Vicious Pollen

A Great Week for Fictional Peggys Everywhere

Dames-Approved Bros, Practically Perfect Advice, and A Cavalcade of Unwaxed Chests

Same Trailers, Different Park

Our devastating beats, we know you will like

All the Best Gifs Emma Thompson Can Provide

Very NEARLY a Week Off

A Glamour-Optional Retreat

Sensible Midweek Announcement of a Sentimental Sunday

Dames on the lam?

The Ache of An Old Wound or Some Such Nonsense

How Can Tom Hanks Be So Ceaselessly Tom Hanksable?

Those Cosmopolitan Corvids and Other Natural Wonders

Minor Technical Difficulties!

An Amoeba Can't Have A Nemesis

Your Beloved Dames Do The Sprain


There's no place like home

Brevity is the soul of wit, yo.

Dolly & Lion Shingy & Abbi & Ilana

Weekend Special: Errata & Addenda (UGH, MEA CULPA)

Ziggy & Suffragette City & The Rain in Spain & Stamps

Saudade: Our Favorite Kind of Sadness

Murderous Courtliness, Saudade, and Other Sundry Subjects

Repetition Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!